The Fraleys of East Smithfield, PA

Thomas Daniel Weaver

Tom is married to Ann M. Fraley, sole daughter of Robert C. and Jane A. Fraley.

Tom and Ann live in South Waverly, PA, just a few miles North of Athens. Tom operated a very successful Nationwide Insurance Agency in Athens for over 40 years, and retired from same in 2013. Tom has two hobbies which he truly loves, the first being auto racing and the other being Lionel train collecting (some of which he inherited from his great Dad John when he died). Tom loves Formula 1 and other types of road racing and currently campaigns a Mazda ITS car with his son, William (Bill) Weaver, as his driver. Tom attended most of the Formula 1 races at Watkins Glen from 1960-1980 until the Glen lost the series. He also attends the annual NASCAR race held in August at the Glen as well as other significant events. Significantly, Tom served in the pits supporting the late and great Roy Salvadori at a major Glen event in 1960, having won the opportunity to do so at a high school contest.

Tom is an exceptional outdoor cook, specializing in succulent steaks. He and Ann are very gracious hosts whenever anyone stops in for a visit.

Tom’s parents John and Margaret, both previously of Athens, are now deceased. You may see them seated at the table in the attached Fraley family photo (below), on the right.  Tom is their only child and is standing directly behind them. At one time, Tom had over 300 Lionel cars and almost 100 Lionel engines, and had a large track layout in his basement where many hours are spent enjoying the sounds of those great Lionel engines circle the track.  It is not uncommon to find Tom in York PA selling off some of his train cars and engines.

Tom served on the South Waverly town council for many years and was the mayor of South Waverly for two years. He is credited with securing the rights for South Waverly to use the same zip code (18840) as adjacent Sayre, PA during his term.