The Fraleys of East Smithfield, PA

Harry Fraley

      Harry Fraley (12/03/1881 – 1958) is a son of Christopher Fraley and owned and operated a farm in East Smithfield, PA., where he was also married to Anna (1884 – 1970), a Canadian citizen. The couple is shown here on their wedding day, while a separate photo of Harry is shown above, apparently before he was married. They were clearly a stunning and good-looking couple, dressed in the fashion of their times, as shown in the picture to the left. Harry was a prosperous farmer who had dairy cows and chickens, a large red barn, and two work horses, one brown and the other black, which we grandchildren sometimes rode when visiting them at the farm. According to records, Harry had a brother, Carl, of Trenton, NJ, and three sisters, Minnie, Christine and Ruth, the latter becoming Mrs. Sumner and Mrs. Chas. Allyn (perhaps not in that order), all of whom lived in East Smithfield. When Harry died in 1958, at age 77, Anna moved to nearby Athens and into an apartment where she spent some of the remainder of her years. Anna died 12 years after Harry, in 1970, at age 86. Harry and Anna were the parents of three sons, in order, George, Glenn and Robert, all of whom are now (2012) also deceased. Harry’s older sister, Minnie M. Fraley, was born in 1879 and died in 1922, at the young age of only 43 following a lengthy illness. Minnie apparently never married and lived most if not all of her life in East Smithfield. She was a teacher in West Burlington, PA and was survived in 1922 by her mother, Mrs. Eliza Fraley (wife of Christopher) at the time of her death, as well as sisters Christine and Ruth and brothers Harry (all previous of East Smithfield) and Carl, of Trenton, N.J. An aerial picture of the farm owned and operated by Harry and Anna, and the birthplace of George, Elwin and Robert, their three children is shown in the Houses section of the Gallery, and below. Their home is to the bottom right. Notably, Harry was only 6 years old when his father Christopher died in 1887, and his brother Carl was just a few years older. His mother Hiza was pregnant with Christine at the time and the two daughters were also very young. It must have been very difficult for her to raise the children and tend the farm after Christopher’s death, as it must have been difficult for Harry to grow up without a father and have so many responsibilities assisting his mother on the farm (below) . Photos below show Harry at age 51 (with work clothes), taken July 29, 1932, likely at or near his farm in E. Smithfield, PA., the farm below his picture, and later in life (in white shirt) but specific age at that time is unknown. harry and anna fraley (2)

E. Smithfield Fraley Farm