The Fraleys of East Smithfield, PA

Anna B. Fraley

harry and anna fraley (3)Anna Bathurst Fraley, shown to the left later in life (likely circa 1950’s) and below with her husband Harry Fraley (in their wedding picture) was born in Canada in 1884, and was thereby 3 years younger than her husband. Both of her parents were born in England, so they must have emigrated to Canada at some time. Anna and Harry lived on the farm in East Smithfield (PA) for most of their adult years, where the farm included chickens, a large red barn, and two work horses. When Harry died in 1958, Anna left the farm and moved into an apartment in Athens, PA., where she spent most of her remaining years. She died in Athens in 1970, 12 years after Harry. Anna was a wonderful woman, who was always friendly and warm to be around. Visits to their farm meant visiting Anna’s kitchen with its large wood burning stove and the smell of pies and other goodies in the air.