The Fraleys of East Smithfield, PA

Andrew Fraley

Andrew Fraley was born in Germany (most likely, the Saxony Region in Eastern Germany, the largest city being Dresden) and emigrated to the United States of America prior to 1841, where he settled in East Smithfield, PA. where he owned and worked a farm. He is the father of Christopher Fraley (and others, see below), a main person in this website history, who was born apparently in East Smithfield around 1842. Please see many more details below.

According to a 6-page summary entitled “FRALEY FAMILY HISTORY” obtained from Raymah Fraley (wife of Glenn, son of Harry, son of Christopher), paraphrasing:       Andrew Froelich was born into a large family….in Germany….on May 23, 1814. When he emigrated to America, the name was anglicized to Fraley. Andrew was married twice and fathered many children. His first wife was Hiza Hosley (of Smithfield, PA.) who was born on December 31, 1823, she being 9 years younger than Andrew. They apparently married around 1841. Hiza was the mother of Carpenter (1842-1863), Christopher (1843-1887), Lyman (1849 only date provided), Emma and Moriah (no dates for last two). Hiza died April 23,1839 at the young age of only 25 years and 3 months. Andrew then married Margaret Dubert (born January 7,1837), she being 26 years younger than Andrew. Andrew’s and Margaret’s children included Charles (born 1860?), Sophronia, Hiza (born 1864?), Helen (born 1872?), Andrew (born 1873?), and Anna (1862-1877). It thus appears Andrew fathered at least 11 children.

Andrew died April 23,1874 at the age of 60, while Margaret died just 14 days after Andrew, on May 7, 1874, at age 37.

Note: In another section of this website, the name Belthasar(sp?) Fraley is mentioned. The above notes say he was probably the brother of Andrew.